Robert C. Koepnick

1907 – 1995

Robert C. Koepnick lived virtually all of his life in the Dayton region.
He was a sculptor of national reputation and maintained a studio in Lebanon, Ohio until shortly before his death. Koepnick studied with Carl Miles, the noted Swedish sculptor. Koepnick was a prolific, versatile sculptor who worked in wood, bronze, stone, aluminum,
and terra cotta and was known for his innovation in the use of aluminum. He lead the sculpture department at the Dayton Art Institute for 30 years, touching the lives of hundreds of students.
His works are displayed in many states and have been exhibited in distinguished museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, the National Academy of Design, and the Dayton Art Institute. At least 17 of his major works are displayed in Dayton. During World War II he worked for the Aeromedical Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, helping to design gloves and oxygen masks that made it possible for pilots to fly at ever increasing altitudes.