Levitt Luzern Custer

1888 – 1962

Levitt Luzern Custer was an inventor and entrepreneur whose inventions ranged from the very practical to the amusing. He created the first electric “invalid chair” (wheelchair) shortly after World War I so that amputees could move independently. He adapted electric motors to power dentist drills. The Custer Statisscope was a device that indicated to balloon pilots whether they were rising or descending, often difficult to determine in clouds and fog. Custer created the first flight training device at the Vandalia flight training airport. His business, the Custer Specialty Company, regularly employed 35 to 50 people and its headquarters featured an indoor miniature golf course. Mr. Custer designed several amusement park rides including the Zoomer and the Bubble Bounce. The range of his accomplishments truly embodies the spirit of invention that made the Dayton region great.