John E. Moore, Sr.

1923 – 2021

John E. Moore, Sr., a World War II veteran and former chief of civilian
personnel at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, gave more than 40 years of volunteer leadership to Montgomery County’s corporate, non-profit, local government, faith-based and grassroots organizations. He said he focused on the “Three Fs” of community volunteering: Focus on what you want to do, Function, and Finish. Clearly, he was a master of all three stages, and many local and regional groups took advantage of his expertise and devotion to working for his community. He served with a number of organizations devoted to education, job training, self-sufficiency, health, and human services including the Board of Sinclair Community College, Parity Inc., which he founded and co-chaired, and the Montgomery County Family and Children First Council. He
received countless honors and awards. John Moore Sr. is the embodiment of volunteerism, community involvement, and integrity.