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Dr. Irwin M. Abrams

Lucinda W. Adams

The Honorable State Representative David D. Albritton

Vincent Groby Apple

Major General Harry G. Armstrong, MD

Paul “Easy” Arnold

Marie S. Aull

Eliam E. Barney

Reverend DeSoto Bass

Suzanne M. Bassani

Harry C. Baujan

Hannah Beachler

Clark E. Beck

Arthur Beerman

Loren M. Berry

Jeraldyne Blunden

Erma Bombeck

Oscar & Marjorie Boonshoft

The Honorable Edward Grimes Breen

Hallie Quinn Brown

Katharine Kennedy Brown

Clayton John Bruckner

Si Burick

Milton Caniff

Julia Shaw Carnell

Iula O. Carter

Nancy Cartwright

Lester LeFevre Cecil 

William Hale Charch

Celebration Dayton ‘96

Charles Ritter Collett

Jeanne Comer

Charlotte Reeve Conover

George C. Cooper

Governor James M. Cox

Major General George Crook

Tom D. Crouch

Levitt Luzern Custer

Benjamin O. Davis, Sr

Gussie Lord Davis

Willis “Bing” Davis

Carleton William “Carl” Day  

DCDC Dayton Contemporary Dance Company

Dayton Marcos

The Dayton Triangles Football Team

Colonel Edward A. Deeds

Dr. Martin Robison Delany

Joseph R. Desch

Richard A. DeWall, M.D. 

Governor Mike DeWine

Phil Donahue

Donald J. Donoher

Electra C. Doren

Ralph and Christine Dull

Paul Laurence Dunbar

Lieutenant Colonel Charity Edna Earley

Gerard “Fuzzy” Faust

The Honorable Judge Arthur O’Neil Fisher

Brother Raymond L. Fitz

Dr. August F. Foerste

Ermal C. Fraze

Gem City Chorus

Major Dominic Salvatore Gentile

Harvey Dunn Geyer

Jerry Gillotti

Lillian Gish and Dorothy Gish

Jessie O. Gooding

William G. Goodwin

Annae Barney Gorman

John Gower

Richard H. Grant, Sr.

Barrett K. Green

Anne S. Greene

Cathy Guisewite

Lewis B. Gunckel

Clark J. Haines

Jesse “Pop” Haines

The Honorable Congressman Tony P. Hall

Virginia Hamilton

Keith Harrison

Michael Hauer

Colonel Dean E. Hess

Clarence Charles Hobart

David L. Hobson

Dr. John Hole

Dale Huffman

Horace M. Huffman, Jr.

Dr. Lewis Albert Jackson

Allison Janney

John L. Janning

Edward “Al” Johnson

Jacob O. Joyce

Milton Kantor

Paul Katz

Charles F. Kettering

Virginia Kettering

Robert C. Koepnick 

William P. Lear

John Legend

The Honorable State Representative Lloyd E. Lewis, Jr.

Evangeline Lindsley

Neal V. Loving

Alyce Downing Lucas 

Frederic Charles MacFarlane

Herbert Woodward Martin

William Preston Mayfield

Harold (Hal) McCoy

The Honorable State Representative C.J. McLin, Jr.

John A. McMahon

George Mead

Reverend Leo Meyer, S.M.

Thomas Midgley, Jr.

Daniel W. Mikesell

John E. Moore, Sr.

Arthur E. Morgan

Bette Rogge Morse

Edwin C. Moses

Phoebe Anne Mosey

Ervin J. Nutter

Zoe Dell Nutter

The Ohio Players

James A Parsons, Jr.

John H. Patterson

Margaret E. Peters

Mike Peters

William H. Pitsenbarger

Louis F. Polk

Dr. David H. Ponitz

Doris Ponitz

Esther Price  

Reverend Edward A. Puff

Jane Reece

Julia Reichert

Police Sergeant Lucius J. Rice and Poicewoman Dora B. Rice

The Honorable Judge Walter Herbert Rice

Frederick Rike

Miriam Rosenthal

Robert (Bob) P. Ross and Norma Ross

Mac Ross

Fritz J. Russ and Dolores H. Russ

Mike Schmidt

Betty Schmoll

Major Rudolph Schroeder

Robert Keyser Schul

Dr. Benjamin and Marian Schuster

Josephine L. Schwarz and Hermene Schwarz

LaVerne Kenon Sci

Gerald Sharkey

Martin Sheen

John Q. Sherman and William C. Sherman

John D. Siebenthaler

Ned Sifferlen

David A. Sinclair

Frederick C. Smith

Sister Dorothy Stang

Frank Stanton

Tony Stein

Dr. Rembert E. Stokes

Frank M. Tait

Charlie Taylor


Charles A. Thomas

Louise Troy

University of Dayton Men’s Basketball Program

Dr. Hans J. P. Von Ohain

Don Wayne

Calvin J. Werner

Dr. Charles H. Wesley

Betsy and Leon Whitney

Jonathan Winters

General Janet Wolfenbarger

Mitchell “Booty” Wood

Jean V. Woodhull

Alice Woodward

Orville Wright

Wilbur Wright

Chief Rudolph F. Wurstner

Colonel Charles Young

Eugene Edward Young, Jr.

Rosamond M. Young