Reverend Edward A. Puff

1914 – 2006

Reverend Edward A. Puff was the pastor of Memorial United Church
of Christ for 40 years. He continued a legacy of caring, action, and service to the community lead to the moniker “the pastor of the
entire community.” He embraced a broad concept of the mission of
the church, and was instrumental in establishing such organizations as the Trinity Retirement Home, the East Dayton Health Center, the Burkhardt Center, and the East Dayton Food Pantry. While other churches moved to the suburbs, his stayed in the city. As Reverend Puff once said, “If the Lord was coming, he would come to Fifth Street!” He has received numerous awards and honors, including the Montgomery County First Peace Bridge Award. Because of his association with the Wright family, Reverend Puff was asked to speak at the ceremony marking the end of the Centennial of Flight Celebration. At that time, he said the Wrights “set up a dream that hardened into a deed.” In his ministry, Reverend Puff has done the same thing.