Major General George Crook

1828 – 1890

George Crook was born and reared near Taylorsville, now a part of Huber Heights, Ohio. He graduated from West Point in 1852. Recognized as a major figure in U.S. military and civil rights history, he had an active career in the Civil War which included his leading his cavalry division during the battle of Appomattox Court House, a battle that led to General Robert E. Lee’s surrender. Crook was an important commander in the Indian Wars that followed the Civil War. While serving as the Commander of the Department of the Platte in 1879, Crook arranged to have himself sued on behalf of the Ponca tribe. The case resulted in a major civil rights victory when Chief
Standing Bear was recognized as a person under the law and that therefore Native Americans were entitled to equal protection under U.S. law.